Weekly Meeting 12-5-2016

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

This week, we started our meeting in the usual way. First, we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, The Scout Oath, and The Scout Law. Then, our Senior Patrol Leader tells everyone the plan for the meeting.

This week, we were happy to have Sara Kline, the Mayor of Stow, join us. Mayor Kline spoke with the entire troop. She taught us a little bit about how our city government works and the responsibilities of the Mayor. In Stow, the Mayor is also the City Safety Director. That means Mayor Kline is also responsible for our Police and Fire Departments.


Mayor Kline taught us a few fun facts about the city of Stow. With 35,000 residents, Stow is the 3rd largest city in Summit County. Stow also has the 2nd largest school district in the county, behind only Akron.


Finally, Mayor Kline talked with our Scouts about what it means to be a responsible citizen and how we can all help to better our community. She answered our questions and generously gave us all pins for our uniforms, featuring the official seal of the City of Stow.


We finished off our meeting by playing a quick game and having some Christmas cookies that were donated by our hosts at St. Stephen Lutheran Church.

We had a fun and educational night! We would especially like to thank Mayor Kline for her time and the pins.

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